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Arduino Parking Sensor With Mp3 Sound

Hi everyone, it has been long time since I played around with Mp3 Shield module from It was a module used to play an Mp3 sound file which could be controlled with a microcontroller such as arduino.

From the past project, I created the arduino project using MP3 shield and it worked very well. A simple queuing system that able to call out the queue number similar to the number displayed on the LED matrix. I used algorithm to change the integer number saved in a cross-section variable so it could be called out the number as “inwords” which activated MP3 player played the file appropriate with the inwords number.

The project I was going to share here was not so different from the last one. It was more simple then that because there was no “inwords” number with a complicated algorithm for the beginner.

We were going to create a parking car sensor that could talk.

There was so many parking car sensor sold in variation machine shop in lower price, but most of them only had “beep…” tone with durations appropriate to the distance of the car’s back bumper towards  the wall. It was the only sign to know how close the car with the wall behind it.

There was also some complicated parking sensor with camera and monitor so that the driver could visually monitor the situation behind the car without looking at the mirror or even going out of the car. For some sophisticated car, it even could tell you how far the distance of the car with the wall and also gave assistance to you for manual parking or full automatic from that car. WOOOW

So which one are we going to make? We will make the middle one. A parking alarm that also could talk.

In order to create this project we need some tools as listed below:

  • Arduino uno (original or unoriginal, there was no different)
  • Mp3 Shield
  • Ultrasonic sensor (for this case, used HC-SR04)
  • Some connector wire
  • Breadboard

Once you have all the components then you have to string them up on the breadboard with the jumper wire. The configurations for its arduino coding are:

  • Trigger Pin sensor to pin A0 Arduino / digital 14
  • Echo Pin Sensor to pin A1 Arduino / digital 15

Only that for the important part :) it is easy, isn’t it? But remember to install the vcc and the gnd. If you forgot to istall them, the sensor couldn’t work properly.

In order to play with the sound, of course you must have the sound files that are going to be used in this project. Don’t you worry; you can download the entire project files freely here. Save the entire sound files in a micro SD Card memory and attach it in the mp3 shield. Then upload the coding given in this article to your arduino. Remember to install the library first in your library of arduino folder so that the coding wouldn’t error once you upload it.

After that try to check your serial monitor and listen to its sound. The distance starts to be read and also the sound is played appropriate with the coding have been shown through this video.

How the ultrasonic sensor could reads the distance? The system works just like a cave bat hearing system which able to fly in the dark without crashes anything.

Watch the video and feel free to download the project file. Enjoy :)

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