Sending Card TS802D

Code: sending-card-ts802d

Sending card yang digunakan untuk pengiriman data video ke receiving card pada display videotron


5V, 2A
Can put inside the PC by PCI slot, or put outside the PC by adding a 5V power supply.
One TS802 LED Sending card can max support 2048(width)*640(height) pixels (with U and D outputs).
One SD802D led control card with one network cable output can support 1600*400 or 2048*320 pixels.
Model 802 has the audio data transmission function. To apply TS802’s audio function, a function board is needed.
Its dip switch can realize max four cards cascaded, to meet a larger resolution needs (eg.2048*1152,4096*640,4096*1152 etc.)
TS802 is full-color sender, can control real pixel, virtual pixel,full-color, double colorand single color display.

Model801 can max support 1280*1024pixels

Model802 can max support 2048*1152pixels

Single card model 802 can control 2048*640pixels



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