A padlock is commonly used for securing something. Some people used it to lock the door, gate, storage box and many more, these padlocks are just everywhere.

The padlocks or some people just called it locks are usually made of strong heavy metal then mold with arched iron that have thick diameter. These will make the padlock strong and save to secure our precious things.

Do you know if there are some padlocks that are looked so strong from the outside but easily to be broken even using a simple tool.

You can see in some film that the actors could unlock the padlock and escape just using a hair pin or a paper clip. In some cases they use this to open the locked door, steal a car or a motorbike. Is that true? From my experience some of them are true and also some of them are just fools.

One example is unlocking the padlock using a hair pin or a paper clip. This technique could successfully work and fail in some experiment.

In some padlock, even they have complicated key design but there are some lock maker that add a fitur of unshielded lock. I don’t know whether they do this on purpose or not. What is the unshielded lock? If you have a padlock with unshielded lock that’s mean you can unlock your padlock without using its genuine key. How do you do that? Using any key? No, you just need a paper clip or a hairpin to reach the unshielded lock and pull it out so that the padlock will unlock even though you didn’t spin the key hole.

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Below is the picture of unshielded padlock. As you can see, it has spring that can easily be reached and pulled out in order to pen the padlock using something sharp like a small knife


But for the padlock with shielded lock type, even if you insert a hair pin to reach the spring, you will get nothing because you will only reach the pin tumbler. That is why this type of padlock is saver than the unshielded one.

The thief usually use many different techniques to break the padlock. A profesional thief works neatly using some tools. The amateur one usually use letter T that break the main body of the padlock. Another type of thief is impatient one, they will break the padlock with the handle.

Now, please have a look at some of my videos, I could unlock the padlock and the cylinder lock quickly. I learned this skill in just less than a day.

Based on my experience, I suggest you to choose the security lock that has square key and sideways pin tumbler hole. This type of lock is hard to be broken. If you want to try you will need more time to brake it. As we all know, of course the thief will not stay longer in front of the door.

There is also a combination lock that uses number combination to unlock it. Is this save? The pin has several digits that of course this digits will have hundreds to thousands available number combinations to open this type of lock. So, is this save enough?

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Eiitttt, don’t make a quick decision, watch my video below, in a second I could break the lock with combination easily.

So after you read my article, hurry change your security lock into the saver one. As you can see, I could break the padlock that I just bought, how about the thief?


How to Unlock The Padlock Combination Number

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