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Assembled an ESR component tester by yourself

In this article we will learn the way on how we assemble a tester component or people call it an ESR meter. They name it an ESR meter because the tool that we are going to assemble is able to display the value of ESR (equivalent series resistance) on a capacitor which is very important for a technician. Component tester or ESR meter that we are going to assemble here are made based on PCB component tester sold by With the very small size of course the result will come up with a component tester or an ESR meter …

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How to read the frequency

A frequency, what is that? A frequency is the sum or the amount of vibration occurrences by something per second. We have learned the frequency since we were in elementary school. In my school, this subject was known as IPA (Ilmu Pengetauan Alam or sciece). We were taught about what the frequency was and its application. In this digital era, the use of frequency is very common encountered in communication system. This can be noticed by the use of its unit, Hz. For example, Wi-Fi frequency 2.4 GHz, digital tv that has many different frequencies, and even analog tv begin …

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How to Make a Big Seven Segment

Sevent segment, who doesn’t know this, for you who are hobby or maybe your job is in the field of electronics. For ordinary people, even though they don’t know that the name is actually a sevent segment, they have seen this thing. Usually known as number displayers, LED numbers, digital numbers, and so on. For me, when I saw the seven segment, I would imagine digital clock directly because I got in touch with everything about digital clock for almost a year when I was in vocational high school (SMK). At that time, the digital clock didn’t use a microcontroller …

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How to Solder a SMD Component

Soldering? Generally using what? Of course using a solder, the most common and many people using it. Actually, in fact there are several conditions that require us to use other type of solder to assembly electronic components. Just like laptop or hand phone mechanics that need other type of solder to help their job. That is a blower, there is also an infrared solder. This type of solder is required for servicing a laptop or hand phone, used for installing and uninstalling the BGA component, the component that its pad solder is at the bottom of the component, so that …

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