Januari 2016

Assembled an ESR component tester by yourself

In this article we will learn the way on how we assemble a tester component or people call it an ESR meter. They name it an ESR meter because the tool that we are going to [...]

Desember 2015

How to Make a Big Seven Segment

Sevent segment, who doesn’t know this, for you who are hobby or maybe your job is in the field of electronics. For ordinary people, even though they don’t know that the name is actually a [...]

How to Solder a SMD Component

Soldering? Generally using what? Of course using a solder, the most common and many people using it. Actually, in fact there are several conditions that require us to use other type of solder to assembly [...]

Simple Futsal Scoreboard, How to Make it?

What is a scoreboard? Have you ever noticed a board that has glowing numbers that usually displays score or point in a game? Commonly we see this as a score board at football game, soccer, [...]

Creating Counter Up – Counter down Circuit

Hi everyone, in this article we are going to learn about how to build an electronic circuit that is able to count up and down displayed on a seven segment display. This kind of circuit [...]

How to Unlock The Padlock Combination Number

A padlock is commonly used for securing something. Some people used it to lock the door, gate, storage box and many more, these padlocks are just everywhere. The padlocks or some people just called it locks [...]

Build a ticketing machine by Arduino

Creating queuing ticketing machine. What is a ticket? Yup, a ticket, I call it a ticket. It was a paper that we took or given usually used for parking, queuing to see a doctor, watching [...]

November 2015

Arduino Parking Sensor With Mp3 Sound

Hi everyone, it has been long time since I played around with Mp3 Shield module from duwiarsana.com. It was a module used to play an Mp3 sound file which could be controlled with a microcontroller [...]

Turn On Lamp by Arduino, Bluetooth and Android Phone

After long time of making its application for android mobile phone, finally the video on how to use it could be produce. This is a device that can be used or installed at your house to [...]

Build a Simple Styrofoam Cutting Machine

Styrofoam is usually used as daily food containers, securing an object of a direct collision, also used as an advertising tool. Styrofoam often used because it is easy to be formed into a variety of shapes. Styrofoam also has [...]