Soldering? Generally using what? Of course using a solder, the most common and many people using it. Actually, in fact there are several conditions that require us to use other type of solder to assembly electronic components.

Just like laptop or hand phone mechanics that need other type of solder to help their job. That is a blower, there is also an infrared solder. This type of solder is required for servicing a laptop or hand phone, used for installing and uninstalling the BGA component, the component that its pad solder is at the bottom of the component, so that is why a special device is needed to attach the component.

BGA IC is part of the SMD (Surface Mount Device) components. There are so many type of SMD components such as resistors, capacitors, ICs, and many more. Sometimes, no, many times my friends text me asking how to install the SMD components like resistors and SMD ICs using a blower. I replied; there is no need to use a blower, an ordinary solder is enough. But most of them doubted my answer.

I also used to be like that because I didn’t practice it myself. I thought in order to solder an SMD component, we must use a special device, but it didn’t. The special devices are just for a special components as well, just like what I said before.

Installing an SMD component itself is using a blower, some of them are also immersed directly into molten lead (at the factory). If using the hot steam of course the tools or its materials that you use for soldering is tin in form of paste, that tin paste will melt and stick when it is heated by the steam. But how if we use the ordinary tin with a steam solder? I have tried it and it was very difficult, hehe. For the tin paste, I’ve also tried it and it worked.

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Well, because I don’t always have the tin paste, here I will share my way on soldering the SMD components using the ordinary tin and solder. Additional materials that will help us for soldering process is paste or solder flux (see it on the video). Using this solder flux will simply the process. The ordinary tin easily melt and sticks to the component pad. The amount of tin that you need to stick the IC pad is not too much.



How to Solder a SMD Component

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