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How to Solder a SMD Component

Soldering? Generally using what? Of course using a solder, the most common and many people using it. Actually, in fact there are several conditions that require us to use other type of solder to assembly electronic components. Just like laptop or hand phone mechanics that need other type of solder to help their job. That is a blower, there is also an infrared solder. This type of solder is required for servicing a laptop or hand phone, used for installing and uninstalling the BGA component, the component that its pad solder is at the bottom of the component, so that …

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Creating Counter Up – Counter down Circuit

Hi everyone, in this article we are going to learn about how to build an electronic circuit that is able to count up and down displayed on a seven segment display. This kind of circuit is generally known as a counter up counter down or count up count down. Where do we need this counter up and counter down actually? Absolutely, this kind of circuit is very common used in our daily life. It just we didn’t realize that this circuit is everywhere around us and we often see it. Most often we see this is on the display of …

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Build a Simple Styrofoam Cutting Machine

Styrofoam is usually used as daily food containers, securing an object of a direct collision, also used as an advertising tool. Styrofoam often used because it is easy to be formed into a variety of shapes. Styrofoam also has a very light weight making it easy to float in water. in our body, styrofoam almost every day stick very close to our heads. it is a helmet. helmet also contains styrofoam to absorb shocks during impact. For the use of Styrofoam in advertising, usually can be seen on greeting board made ​​of flowers and letters made ​​of styrofoam. Many shape of letters and symbols can be …

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