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Desember 2015

How to Solder a SMD Component

Soldering? Generally using what? Of course using a solder, the most common and many people using it. Actually, in fact there are several conditions that require us to use other type of solder to assembly [...]

How to Unlock The Padlock Combination Number

A padlock is commonly used for securing something. Some people used it to lock the door, gate, storage box and many more, these padlocks are just everywhere. The padlocks or some people just called it locks [...]

November 2015

Turn On Lamp by Arduino, Bluetooth and Android Phone

After long time of making its application for android mobile phone, finally the video on how to use it could be produce. This is a device that can be used or installed at your house to [...]

September 2015

Cara Memotong Plat Aluminium

Sekarang saya akan berbagi tips dan trik bagaimana saya memotong plat aluminium. Plat aluminium yang akan saya potong adalah sebuah plat dengan ketebalan 1mm. Plat aluminium biasanya dipakai untuk menutupi rak atau etalase kaca toko. Ada [...]